We are an Norwegian media organisation, servicing Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Since 2009 we have extended our service world wide.
We are at United Nations Headquarters, New York. 
Worked under three Secretary Generals since 2004, SG. Kofi Annan, SG. Ban Ki Moon and SG. Antonio Guterres.
Providing United Nations related news (Human Rights, Gender Equality and Climate Change) through video and still photo World Wide. Coverage includes: Events at United Nations (meetings and conferences) Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen) Africa (Libya, Congo, Central Republic of Africa, Sudan and South Sudan) Climate Change (South America and East Asia) Work closely with many Non Government Organizations and United Nations Missions
We are a small company but we work HARDER.

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United Nations
405 East 42 Street ,Room S-0331
New York, NY 10017
United States

+1 914 450 2353 (Work)
9144502353 (Mobile)
914 450 2353 (Work)